Welcome to the Peregrinus group.

Peregrinus was the term used during the early Roman Empire, from 30 BC to 212 AD, to denote a free provincial subject of the Empire who was not a Roman citizen. It is now commonly translated as pilgrim or stranger.

The Peregrinus Foundation has been active for many years in trying to stimulate education for young physicians, especially in field of dermatologic surgery. We now want to expand our activities to the Zanzibar archipelago to improve dermatologic care on the archipelago.

In November 2014 Pierre van Neer visited Zanzibar for the first time and made the first contacts. He also helpt local physicians during several very busy outpatient clinics. He visited the island again in June 2015, together with Kees-Peter de Roos. They acted as quartermasters for the project by talking to the Hospital director, the head of the medical staff and many others.

During the fall of 2015 a meeting was held for dermatologists who are interested in this projec. As a result from 8 to 18 January a Dutch dermatologist has visited the hospital to supervise several clinics and has also given a lecture. The beginning of June 2016 Kees-Peter de Roos visited the hospital to supervise several clinics. The first week of December his colleague Frank Bruins supervised several clinics and in July 2017 Yvette Assen, dermatologist at the Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland hospital in Rotterdam visited the archipelago.
Since the summer of 2019 after his training in Moshi, Tanzania Hafidh Hassan returned to Zanzibar to be the first dermatologist on the islands. Hij works in the Mnazi mmoja hospital.

The board of this foundation is formed by: Anja Sommer (president), Pierre van Neer and Kees-Peter de Roos, all three are practicing dermatologists.