Great, because we are looking for people who want to cooperate ‘hands on’. And there is always a way in which you can contribute.

First of all we want to interest experienced Dutch dermatologists, to supervise several outpatient clinics a week during a holiday in Zanzibar in order to share their knowledge and experience with local┬ádoctors. This way a co-traveling partner won’t be left alone for too long. Furthermore we would like to provide lectures for students and the medical staff.


What you get out of this is a priceless experience in a hospital where essential care is provided and nothing is business as usual. Furthermore it is a wonderful island with sweet hospitable people and old-fashioned grateful patients. For us it has been an experience that motivates to continue our work there.

The Rock Restaurant

We are also looking for people who want to help in any way or form. Whether it is help with transporting goods, medicines or books, every help is welcome. The people of Lean-ICT for instance have helped from the beginning to professionalize teledermatology and our website. We also have companies as sponsors. Tobrix for instance donates to the Peregrinus Foundation for every laser fibre we use in our practices. Centrum Oosterwal has graciously donated surgical sets for biopsies. So there are many ways in which you also can help us.

And just for the record, our doctors and co-workers do it all for free and with great pleasure.